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for firefighters and emt
Whether it’s a dangerous fire, a tragic car accident or a family health crisis, firefighters and EMTs give everything they’ve got to help people. This is what we do with homes, loans, and more. We want to be there for you. We specialize across Missouri with these services.
When you’re on a call, there’s no such thing as downtime. As a first responder, you must be ready to go so you can act quickly and use your knowledge and experience to save lives. You never know exactly how high the stakes will be or how difficult or challenging the problem is. But it’s always intense because you it can truly be a life or death situation.

When you’re ready to sit back and unwind, we’re ready to help firefighters find the perfect home. Whether you are 911operator, a firefighter, paramedic or EMT, your home should be a place where you can chill and not feel the stress and weight of so much responsibility.

A little more bit about us

3 Owners, 3 Specialist, and 3 sets of real estate hands and eyes to protect you through the whole-home processes.

Patrick Bilger

He is a licensed home inspector and contractor, structural components, and pricing knowledge. Phenomenal at informing buyers and sellers of major factors that impact their contracts/pricing.

Alli Bilger

She handles all the contracts, paperwork, communication, marketing, training and development, and liability/risk. Her favorite work hobby is taking courses and seminars around the country educating Hero Realty’s agents on trends, processes, and improvements.

Dale Rowe

Public relations, networking, and business development is Dale’s middle name. As a former police officer, Dale has the mindset for strategizing, detail, and personality to handle adverse situations in the real estate field.

Hero Realty is very active in our community and we have taken part in many events as charity sponsors. To date, we have given back more than $180,000 to local heroes.

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you are not a "transaction" to us
At Hero Realty, we have a safe, secure, and confident process of home buying or selling. We are the realty firm who tends to pick up new clients that hated their old realtor because of the lack of communication and very little education on the process. We are the opposite: we disclose ALL information. 

On the job, you give your all to others. Now it’s our turn to be there for you.

Let us assist you by making the home buying process smooth and easy, and save you money in the process! Our service is top notch and extraordinary. We go beyond like you do.

Are these associated with you?

  • Firefighter homes
  • Dispatcher
  • Home loans for firefighters
What makes us better than the rest?

  • Knowledge/education of brokerage/home sales/selling
  • 3 Owners and advisors on each sale
    MLS Listings right on our site
  • Full time representatives of your processes
  • Never too busy to answer phone, showings, or assist with questions
    We help a wide range of investors, (first/last time) buyers, sellers
  • Motivated by client’s excellent experience working with us

Each member of our team — Alli, Patrick and Dale — brings specific expertise. Find out more [click to main page]

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Wonderful staff! Professional, respectful, truly customer service oriented. Dale, Allie and Patrick all absolutely wonderful! Very knowledge and so willing to walk with you every step of the way. They listen to you & are willing to discuss each & every decision you need to make. If you want the best then go with Hero Realty – I would use them again in a heartbeat!!

— C J Amelung


We had the pleasure of working with this amazing company while searching for our new home and selling our old one. Alli, Patrick, and Dale took amazing care of us and helped us find the perfect home for our expanding family. They were helpful and patient while helping us through the whole process. Highly recommend and would happily work with again!

— Heather Henningfeld


The team at Hero Realty is outstanding. They helped my wife and I sell each house that we owned individually and purchase a new one. The service they gave us was great every step of the way.

We had a roof leak pop up on the day of selling one of the homes, and Patrick came right away to help us resolve the issue and set forth the actions needed to ensure we could still sell and keep our buyers happy. Basically, if something needed to be done, Patrick and Alli were on it.

I would highly recommend Hero Realty to anyone looking to buy or sell in the area.

— Keith Zeigbo

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Locations we excel in: St. Charles and St. Louis County // Warren, Lincoln, Montgomery and Pike County
Jefferson and Franklin County // Lake of the Ozarks: Camden, Miller, and Morgan County

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